Kerry J Donovan Furniture Design

I thought you might be interested in seeing how designer furniture is created. This page is a highly edited version of the article published in The Woodworker magazine in March 2012. 

On this page I will  explain some of the the processes involved in its creation.

Corner Cabinet in Ash with Oak Inlay

This is my latest design creation

(click the file to upload the presentation)  

Ash Corner Cabinet.pptx Ash Corner Cabinet.pptx
Size : 3116.163 Kb
Type : pptx

Toy-box in Oak & Chestnut

I made this for the arrival of my granddaughter

(click the file to upload the presentation) 

Toybox in Oak.pptx Toybox in Oak.pptx
Size : 774.799 Kb
Type : pptx

The Bench-Settle

I've subtitled this piece Winter Warmer. I was commissioned by a family for a piece that can be placed close to  their wood-burning fire - so they can have a quick blast of heat when they come in from the cold - brrr. 

Winter's approaching.........

(click the file to upload the presentation)

Winter Warmer.pptx Winter Warmer.pptx
Size : 1183.651 Kb
Type : pptx

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