Kerry J Donovan Furniture Design


This page shows a few examples of my work. Some of these pieces of furniture have been giving pleasure to their owners since the mid-1980s and promise to do so for decades to come. I am often pleasantly surprised by former clients who commission new pieces from me time and again - I can't think of a better endorsement for my work.  

You will note that some of the projects are small and simple, while others are larger and more intricate. It just goes to show that I am able to design to your needs and to you imagination. 

By the way, if you were wondering about the rather elegant reclining chair and footstool that features in the banner throughout this site, it was made very recently. The bentwood frame and rails were all laminated in White Ash and the intricate details are in Elm.  This was made for a client in France who has kindly given me permission to use this image as my 'calling card'. By the way, she was so happy with the chair that she commissioned the footstool as a companion piece.  

An article about its manufacture was published in the September 2012 issue of The Woodworker magazine. 

 AV Cabinet

This is a particular favourite of mine and bit of a blast from the past. 

Although I made this unit as recently as 2010, I have been told that it is a little old-fashioned. Not just because of its style, which is neo-classical, and its construction which is entirely traditional, but because of its raison d'etre

Apparently, stacked hi-fi music systems and turntables have been superseded by something called CDs and MP3 players. Also, flat-screen TVs are apparently hung on walls these days! Suffice to say, not everybody follows the latest technological fashions. I know LPs are still available, as are turntables and CDs. 

This cabinet is in Cherry and has Chestnut panels inserted into the top. The unit also features a door that retracts into the cabinet to allow access to the hi-fi system and facilitate the use of the ubiquitous remote control. 

Pedestal Tables

The pedestal tables on the left are in Oak, and Chestnut. 

The shape of the pedestal is loosely based on the branch of an Oak tree in a friend's garden. 

The design you see on the top is actually a joint that holds the top to the pedestal. The darker lines are Sepele wedges which both strengthen the joint and add an interesting pattern. 

 Toy-box / Blanket chest

I made this Chest a few years ago for a family with young children; the frame is in Oak and the panels are Chestnut. It is currently being used as a Toy-box, but in years to come, when the children have flown the coop, it will no doubt turn into a Blanket Chest.

Kitchen in Elm and Oak

I don't make fitted units very often, I prefer making and finishing in my well equipped little design studio, but from time to time the need arises. 

The kitchen on the right is one I finished in Spring 2012. The corner unit is of particular interest and includes a curved drawer and door and two yellow granite chopping board inserts (detailed below). 

A Pair of Cabinets in Elm

The smaller one on the left is for drinks and glasses, the one on the right is for trophies.  

This pair was made in 1989 for a client in Northamptonshire who later commissioned the nest of tables featured below. 

Nest of tables

This just goes to show that not everyone wants modern looking furniture. This nest of tables is in a traditional style with Queen Anne legs (in Beechwood). The frames and tops are in Elm.   

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