Kerry J Donovan Furniture Design

The Idea: 

So, you have an idea for a specific a piece of furniture. You can't find what you want in the shops, or on-line. What do you do? 

You can either make do with what you can find, or you can commission a designer/maker like me to make it for you.  

How does the process work? 

It's easy really:

Contact Us:

Contact me by email in the first instance and I will arrange a time for the initial design discussion. We can discuss your ideas either by email, land-line, Skype, or even in person - then the design process can begin. 

Initial Design:

From our initial design discussion I will produce a drawing for your appraisal. 

The Commission:

When you are happy with the finished design, you can commission me to make the piece and I will place your project on my order book. 

I will then be able to give you approximate start and completion dates for your project. 


This is where the wonders of modern technology can come into play. 

As soon as I have accepted your commission I will add a password-protected 'Work-in-Progress' page to this Website. 

The page will be dedicated to your project. From selection of the material, and throughout the manufacturing process you will be able to follow the progress of your commission. 

If you give the password to your family and friends and they will be able follow the progress too. 

This page will also enable us to 'fine tune' the design as the project continues. Any questions than were not fully resolved during the design phase can be addressed as they arise. 

The Cost:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give you an exact cost for a future project; each design piece is different. Some small projects can take a matter of days to finish. Other, more complex pieces, can take weeks. 

To give you some idea of price though, the pedestal tables shown in the banner on the Home page sell for £275 each. The Oak and Chestnut Toy-box featured in the Project page on the other hand, is far more complicated and took much longer to complete and so cost £825; the plaque was extra.

There are some other upfront costs that I can tell you about: 

  • The initial design discussion - Free
  • For a design drawing and pricing schedule I charge £100
  • The design fee will be deducted from the overall cost of the project should the commission be confirmed
  • 30% of the total cost of the commission is charged upfront as a deposit to cover the cost of the materials
  • The balance is paid upon receipt of the goods
  • Delivery costs are by arrangement
That's it! Drop me a line and let's see where the journey takes us. 

Regards, KJD


The Ash three-panel screen above is one of a pair made earlier this year. It is a variation on the centuries-old room divider concept. 

The clients wanted a more modern piece and I came up with a design that did away with the need for exposed metal hinges. An upholsterer friend of mine added the tapestry inserts. 

The clients were delighted with the results of our collaboration. 

Variations on this theme could include wooden or glass panels. You could even add extra screens, if you have a larger area you want to divide! 

I hope you agree, this is a beautiful piece of modern furniture.  

The room divider doing what it was designed to do! 

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