Kerry J Donovan Furniture Design

Hi there, 

The gallery on the right features my most recently realised design concepts; two guitar stands and a music stand. They are made from Ash with details in Oak. 

Guitar Stands

  • The top row in the gallery shows the stand made for a 6-stringed semi-acoustic guitar
  • The second row shows the stand made to accommodate a 12-stringed acoustic guitar, which is heavier and has a bigger, deeper body; there are some subtle differences in the design of each stand 

As you can see from the Photo 5, there are only four components to the guitar stands, but each is made from at least six laminate strips, bent to shape and jointed carefully. When put together, they form a bespoke stand for a specific guitar. 

If you would like one for you own guitar, be it acoustic or electric, contact me and we can discuss it.  

I can modify this design to accommodate other stringed instruments too.

Adjustable Music Stand 

Photos 6 to 12 show various aspects of the music stand. 

There are 5 height positions, from seated to well over 5 feet; suitable for the tallest musician. 

Photo 10 shows a close-up of the lid with its comb hinge and carving. 

In Photo 11, you can see that the sheet music rest is also adjustable for rake; there is also a handy storage area beneath the lid. 

The 4 different height settings are easily made by simply twisting and raising the central column to suit (Photo 12).  

If you are a musician and would like a stand or two for yourself, let me know and I'll design one for you. 

Cheers, KJD 

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