Kerry J Donovan Furniture Design


After a number of years learning my trade and honing my skills as a cabinetmaker in the UK, I opened up my first design Studio in Northampton in 1986.  

I worked throughout the 1990s under the name 'KD Woodcraft'. The majority of my business came from private clients in the Northants area, but I also made specialist one-off pieces for Blue Chip companies like the BBC, Barclaycard, and Bassett Lowke

When our three children flew the coop in the early 2000s (finally), my wife and I took the plunge and did what we had been planning to do for years - we bought a house in the heart of rural Brittany. The house is a little detached stone cottage about a mile from the nearest village. 

When we bought the place it had been a holiday home for more than a decade and was in dire need of renovation. The photo below shows the house as it was in 2004.

La Trefle 2004

After emigrating to Brittany in January 2007, we spent the next three years renovating the old place. We rebuilt and updated the whole house, during which time my design work took a back seat.  

The house finally completed, I am now back in business. My wife is recovering from all the hard work, and from a serious illness, and the studio is up and running again. I am ready to go. 

The photo below shows the house as it is today - Trèfle (French for Shamrock - betraying my Irish roots there!)

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