August has been quite busy on the project side with three designs completed and four actual pieces made. 

The first two projects were Ash guitar stands, one for my 6-stringed semi-acoustic, and the other for my 12-stringed acoustic. I made them for myself initially, although I have had an order for a stand for an electric Bass guitar. This is for a client in France who wants one for her birthday next Spring, so that will be placed on the order book for March 2013. Let me know if you are interested in having one made. 

The third piece was an adjustable music stand. This is shown in the lowest position in the photo (below), and you can also see one of the the guitar stands. The music stand adjusts so you can use it sitting or standing. There are no knobs to twist or pegs to adjust, you simply turn the top and raise or lower the stand to suit your needs. It took me a while to design the adjustment mechanism, but it works well and I'm really happy with it. 


The project I've just finished this morning is an Oak bench that will sit in front of a client's fire in the Winter so the family can warm themselves after spending time outside in the cold and wet. It has three seats that lift to allow access to the under-seat storage area, so it's a bit like a backless settle really. The seats are being upholstered at the moment, so the photo below shows it in its unfinished state in my design studio. 
The letters you see are the initial letters of the family members which is a special design element I've carved into the sides to make the bench more interesting (there are two more letters on the other side rail). The darker rectangles you can see along the side rail are the through mortise & tenon joints that hold the rails together. 

When the upholstery is finished, I'll update this post.  What do you think so far? 

Cheers, KJD